Selfie-imposed: Referee gives football legend Kaka a yellow card then takes SELFIE with Brazilian star (VIDEO)

Ex-Real Madrid and AC Milan playmaker Kaka received the most unconventional yellow card of his career during a charity match when he was asked for a ‘selfie’ by the referee immediately after being issued with a caution.

Kaka, 38, called time on his impeccable career two years ago after three years spent in Major League Soccer with Orlando City but during the Brazil star’s 16-year playing career it is unlikely that he ever came across a situation similar to the one he found while representing Brazil Legends against their Israeli counterparts. 

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Several famous names were included in the Brazil team, including the likes of Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos and Cafu, but it was Kaka who appeared to draw the most interest – from the referee at least.

With the Brazil side leading the game 3-2, the female referee blew the whistle as Kaka dribbled through the midfield.

The initial confusion over the reason for the stoppage, compounded by the strange yellow card she issued, was soon made clear as after flashing the card in his face, she removed her phone from her pocket and took a sneaky ‘selfie’ with the 2007 Ballon d’Or winner.

Despite footage showing a member of the Israeli team reacting in confusion, Kaka’s teammates saw the lighter side of the moment and shook the referee’s hand.

The on-the-fly photograph hasn’t yet made it online but we suspect that the ref’s Instagram account may well soon light up if and when the picture gets posted online.

As for the match itself, Kaka won’t be too dispirited by the yellow card as his team wound up 4-2 winners.

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Full stream ahead! Denmark removes final hurdle for Russian gas pipeline to Europe

Denmark has given the green light for the Russia-led Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to pass through its waters. Copenhagen’s delay in granting permission has been the main hurdle to completing the project on time.

“The Danish Energy Agency has granted a permit to Nord Stream 2 AG to construct a section of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipelines on the Danish continental shelf southeast of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea,” the agency said in a press release.

It explained that the permit was granted in accordance with Denmark’s obligations under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

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Workers at the construction site of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, near the town of Kingisepp, Leningrad region, Russia, June 5, 2019.
Russian gas supply via Nord Stream 2 pipeline to start by end of year at latest – Austria’s OMV

“Denmark is obliged to allow the construction of transit pipelines with respect to resources and the environment and if necessary to assign the route where such pipelines should be laid,” it said.

The agency said it concluded that “the southeastern route on the continental shelf is preferable to the northwestern route” as it is the shortest one. It provides the “least risk and impact from an environmental and safety perspective and therefore is the preferable choice.”

The undersea pipeline, designed to deliver Russian natural gas to Germany and other European customers, is set to be finished by the end of the year. The offshore and land sections of the pipeline were connected on the German side last year and a receiving terminal is currently under construction there. Russia has finished laying nearly two thirds of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline along the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

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The project has only needed approval from Danish authorities; other countries on the route of the pipeline – Russia, Finland, Sweden and Germany – have long-since approved it.

The pipeline’s construction has been criticized by the US administration which attempted to derail the project in order to boost sales of American liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe.

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Syrian army clashes with Turkish forces in NE border area – Damascus

Syrian army troops on Wednesday were engaged in heavy clashes with Turkish forces in the countryside around the border town of Ras al Ain in an area where a military offensive by Ankara aims to create a “safe” zone, Reuters said, citing state media in Damascus.

There were no details but Turkish-backed rebels said intermittent clashes have taken place in recent days with Syrian troops south of Ras al Ain, which was seized from Syrian Kurdish-led forces.

Syrian troops have stepped in to take up positions in the area after an agreement with Kurdish forces.

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Turkey and Russia to start patrolling Kurdish areas in northern Syria together on Friday – Erdogan

Joint Turkish-Russian patrols will commence later this week as Kurdish forces continue leaving the 20-mile ‘safe zone’ along Syria’s border with Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

The joint patrols “start on Friday,” Erdogan said in a speech to lawmakers on Wednesday, referring to the deal he struck with Russian leader Vladimir Putin last week.

The purpose of the patrols is to maintain security within ‘safe zone’ along the Turkish-Syrian border. The Russian Defense Ministry previously said that the Kurdish forces, who Ankara considers to be terrorists, have left the area through a specially-organized ‘safety corridor.’ They have been replaced by Syrian government troops and Russian military police.

Erdogan said he received confirmation from Moscow that Kurdish paramilitaries had withdrawn from the border but, according to Turkish intelligence, in some instances that wasn’t the case. He warned that the Turkish Army will continue its push against the Kurds if they fail to retreat as promised or attack Turkish soldiers.

We will give a drastic response to any attack coming from outside of safe zone and we will expand our safe zone area if needed.

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Ankara launched an offensive, dubbed Operation Peace Spring, targeting the Kurdish forces earlier this month. The advance was halted after the US agreed to facilitate the Kurdish withdrawal, and later a similar deal was reached with Russia.

US troops, which have been allied with the Kurds in their fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), began hastily leaving the area shortly before the Turkish invasion. They pulled out of the major cities of Raqqa and Manbij, and the Syrian Army along with Russian military policemen replaced them.

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Human chop shop: Body donation center made Frankenstein cadavers, US Army blew ‘em up

A long-awaited court case against a medical research cadaver company has begun, and the grisly details have been laid bare in testimony, including the macabre discovery of a ‘Frankenstein’ torso with another body’s head sewn on.

During an FBI raid on the center in 2014, distraught agents discovered tables stacked with dismembered human body parts, refrigerators stuffed with severed legs and heads, and a torso with the head of another cadaver sewn on. 

Mark Cwynar, a retired FBI employee, compared the scene to Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein.’ 

“I personally observed several individuals emotionally upset. Some individuals refused to go back into the scene,” Cwynar claimed during his testimony. 

Biological Resource Center in Phoenix, Arizona. © Reuters

The now-defunct medical research cadaver company Biological Resource Center (BRC), formerly based in Arizona, is accused of misleading customers who donated their loved ones’ remains for medical and scientific research, only for BRC to sell the cadavers to third parties, including the US military.

Companies like BRC provide universities, medical device manufacturers, and drug companies with human cadavers to improve their testing, all while helping to cover funeral, burial and cremation costs incurred by the deceased’s relatives.

In BRC’s case, donor families were promised boxes containing their deceased loved ones’ remains, but later discovered the bodies had been sold to a third party. BRC owner Stephen Douglas Gore pleaded guilty in October to the felony charge of mishandling donated body parts. 

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FILE PHOTO © Reuters / Ismail Zitouny
Buckets of heads & penises, ‘Frankenstein’ corpses found in FBI raid on horror body donation center

In one tragic instance, Jim Stauffer donated his deceased 74-year-old mother’s body only for it to emerge later that her remains were strapped to a chair and blown up by the US Army. 

“I’m not a trusting person, but in this situation – you have no idea this is going on – you trust. That trust is what they feed on,” Stauffer said. 

David TeSelle, who represents the 23 plaintiffs and their families, is seeking unspecified damages. He showed a price list during the trial, which reportedly listed a torso without a head selling for $4,000.

One of BRC’s lawyers, Timothy O’Connor, said on Monday that the families had signed release forms consenting to the dissection of the bodies and that it was legal for the BRC and other such facilities to make a profit.

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‘Rupublicans’ should fight ‘infair’ impeachment: Trump tweet typos set Resistance tongues wagging again

US President Donald Trump has urged his party to push back on the “impeachment nonsense” – but his early morning typos are feeding the trolls and the online ‘Resistance,’ convinced that they will get him this time.

Tweeting on Wednesday morning, Trump repeated that the transcript of his July call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was “totally appropriate” and called the Democrat-led impeachment process “just a continuation of the Witch Hunt Hoax” – meaning the debunked Russian collusion conspiracy. 

He managed to misspell a few things, however.

In the sea of hostile responses every Trump tweet attracts were a few taking issue with calling the process “infair” and urging “Rupublicans” to oppose it. 

“So infair to Rupublicans!” said one response. “You know all the best words,” said another, quoting a well-known Trump phrase right back at him.

“What are Rupublicans” and “Your spelling is on fire!” also made the list.

Shockingly enough, no one has thought of interpreting “Rupublicans” as proof positive of Trump’s “Russian collusion” – yet, anyway. It’s still early, however, and time enough for the morning covfefe to kick in.

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BoJo’s Brexit deal would smash £70bn hole in UK economy – the size of Wales

PM Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal would leave the UK £70 billion poorer – the equivalent of around £1,100 per person per year – according to The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NEISR) think tank.

Experts at the NEISR decided to assess the economic impact of Johnson’s Brexit proposal agreed with Brussels, following the UK government’s refusal to conduct one themselves.

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The think tank claims that even if the UK were to strike a free trade agreement with the EU by January 2021, the country’s GDP would be 3.5% smaller each year than if it remained in the bloc.

This is roughly equivalent to losing the annual output of Wales.

Arno Hantzsche, an economist at the NIESR, believes that although “a deal would reduce the risk of a disorderly Brexit…we don’t expect there to be a ‘deal dividend’ at all,” with Johnson’s agreement.

In making their assessment, the think-tank assumed UK-EU services would be cut by 60 percent and goods trade reduced by 40 percent as Britain exits the single market and customs union.

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The deal can be taken up again by a new government after the December 12 general election, with Johnson likely to push it through parliament if he wins a decent majority.

However, in the event Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn becomes UK prime minister, that deal could be ripped up in favor of a deal that avoids a border in the Irish Sea, enters a customs union with the EU and guarantees that workers’ rights are fully protected.

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English striker Ivan Toney asks fans to change below-the-belt chant 'so all of the young supporters can join in too'

English League 1 striker Ivan Toney has asked his team’s fans to tone down a chant referring to the size of his penis, saying he’d love them to chant something even kids can join in with during matches.

Toney has become a huge hit with the fans at London Road, who serenade him with a chant that, among other things, revels in the size of his manhood. 

The 23-year-old striker admitted he loves the adoration from the stands, but asked if the fans could tweak the song to make it more family-friendly in upcoming games.

Speaking via the team’s official club website, Toney explained: “I want to thank the supporters for the way they have backed me since I arrived at the football club. It is great to feel loved by the fans.

“Whilst the song is not offensive to me, it would be great to hear a new family version of the song so all of the young supporters in the stadium can join in too.”

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Toney arrived at the club from Newcastle United last year and has found his scoring form this season. The hitman has netted 11 goals in 17 games for Peterborough United so far as he has helped fire The Posh to third in the League 1 table.

His goals have also made Peterborough the highest-scoring team in the division, with 36 goals scored in their 15 league games played to date.

Now Toney hopes the fans will respect his wishes and tone down their chants for him to help include the club’s younger fans.

The chant is similar to one Manchester United fans sang for Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku back in 2017. At the time, the anti-discrimination group Kick It Out contacted the club telling United the chant’s words were “offensive and discriminatory”.

“Racist stereotypes are never acceptable, irrespective of any intention to show support for a player,” said the organization.

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Iran’s Khamenei says US & allies behind public turmoil in Iraq, Lebanon after Hariri resignation

The supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, has said the US and its Middle Eastern allies are to blame for the ongoing instability in Iraq and Lebanon. It comes after Lebanese PM Saad Hariri stepped down in response to protests.

Khamenei said that mass protests in the two nations, both of which have good relations with Tehran, have been influenced by the US, Israel and “some Western countries.” He claimed the unrest had been funded by “reactionary countries” in the region, a term used by Iranian authorities to describe Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies.

The Iranian leader called on protesters to demand action from their respective governments through legal means only, saying the alternative would result in chaos.

Speaking to a group of Iranian Army cadets during their graduation ceremony on Wednesday, Khamenei said enemies of a country can do the most damage to it by disrupting its security.

Both Iraq and Lebanon witnessed waves of public outrage lately, with people’s anger focused on various domestic issues. Saad Hariri on Tuesday stepped down as Lebanon’s prime minister, submitting to the demands of protesters, who accused his government of corruption and of leading Lebanon to an economic collapse.

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FILE PHOTO: Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad al-Hariri. © Reuters / Benoit Tessier
Lebanese PM Hariri announces resignation amid large-scale protests

The Iraqi government declared a curfew in capital Baghdad from Monday, responding to a wave of violent protests over the previous days. As many as 60 people have been reportedly killed amid the latest surge of discontent with Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s government.

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Game Over… US stock bubble has already popped, Peter Schiff tells Boom Bust

The Federal Reserve plans to inject $60 billion per month into the US economy which is showing signs of slowdown. It is reported to be preparing a rate cut next week but still claims that nothing is wrong with the system.

“Just ignore what they say and look at what they do,” Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital tells Boom Bust. “They are trying desperately to keep the air from coming out of this bubble but it’s not going to work,” he said, explaining that “The bubble has already popped.”

According to Schiff, “the only question is how fast is that air going to come out and when the market is going to figure out that the game is over, understand what the Fed has been doing, and the true nature of this bubble economy…”

Schiff notes that the rate cut is a “desperate attempt to keep the air from coming out of the bubble, to maintain false consumer confidence.”

Consumers are confident the economy is a disaster, he says, adding that they don’t have any money, they have lousy jobs, no savings, and are loaded down with debt.

“But, as long as they keep on borrowing money to buy stuff that they can’t afford with money they don’t have, for some reason they remain optimistic…” The Fed plays into this, Schiff says.

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