Trump hails Hannity’s #1 ‘shoe’ on cable news, says high ratings come from being great to him

Attention CNN and MSNBC: If you are eager to improve the ratings of your cable news “shoes,” make them more supportive of Donald Trump. This is the free advice that America’s “favorite” president just doled out on Twitter.

Once again ascending his mighty Twitter pulpit, Trump shared a truly enlightening morsel of wisdom with the world.

“Has anyone noticed that the top shows on @foxnews and cable ratings are those that are Fair (or great) to your favorite President, me!” the president wrote. He then graciously offered his congratulations to Sean Hannity for hosting the top-rated “shoe” on cable news, likely making the message one of the most Trumpian tweets ever tweeted.

The rather provocative nature of the tweet – coupled with the oddly appropriate typo – unleashed a barrage of snarky replies.

Despite the avalanche of hate that the tweet received, there may be a kernel of truth behind Trump’s self-aggrandizing claim that being nice to him results in higher ratings.

MSNBC and CNN – both safe spaces for the anti-Trump #Resistance – have been routinely routed by Trump-friendly Fox News.

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Afghan forces thwart Taliban attack on Kunduz, bring city under control – MoD

Government troops regained control over Kunduz, repelling a massive attempt by the Taliban to capture the city, TOLO News reported on Saturday, citing acting Defense Minister Asadullah Khaled. At least 35 Taliban fighters, including a key commander of the group, were killed, according to the National Directorate of Security.
The militant movement assaulted one of Afghanistan’s biggest cities overnight from several directions, seizing a local hospital and a number of residential areas. Kabul sent reinforcements with the air force supporting the ground troops.

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'Remember me!' Zhang stuns Andrade at UFC Shenzhen to become first-ever Chinese champion

Zhang ‘Magnum’ Weili stunned women’s strawweight champion Jessica Andrade in the first round of their main event bout at UFC Shenzhen to become the promotion’s first-ever Chinese world champion.

Zhang rocked Brazilian Andrade early in the fight and finished the job with a barrage of knees and punches, forcing an end just 42 seconds into the bout.

It is Zhang’s 20th straight win and fourth since joining the UFC in 2018, while it ended Andrade’s reign as strawweight champ at the first time of asking.

After her TKO win Zhang, 30, told the crowd to “remember me,” celebrating wildly as a new Asian mixed martial arts superstar was born.

For Zhang it was the perfect result in front of a raucous home crowd at the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre Arena – and one that many felt would now propel her to superstardom while bringing a major boost to the UFC as it continues its pursuit of the riches of the Chinese market.   

The beaten Andrade, 27, who had won the title by defeating Rose Namajunas in May, said she hoped for an immediate chance to reclaim her title.

“I brought my belt in here to defend it [but] I wasn’t able to perform as I wished… Hopefully I get a chance to fight her again,” the Brazilian said. 

The loss in China was Andrade’s first since losing to Joanna Jedrzejczyk via unanimous decision in 2017.

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UK finance minister boasts of ‘fantastic’ relationship with BoJo after reports of cabinet feud

Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid has insisted that he’s on good terms with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after reports emerged that the pair had quarrelled over the decision to fire one of Javid’s aides.

According to British media, Javid became furious after learning that his press aide, Sonia Khan, had been sacked as part of an internal probe into who’d leaked the government’s no-deal dossier to The Sunday Times.

The document, known as Operation Yellowhammer, warned of food, fuel and medicine shortages in a hard Brexit scenario, and its leaking gifted ammunition to Remainers. Javid, who was not informed about Khan’s firing, reportedly had a heated confrontation with Johnson over the matter.

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German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. © Reuters / Annegret Hilse
Berlin expects Britain ‘to crash out’ of EU on October 31 – FM Maas

In an interview with BBC radio, the chancellor said that his views were “well understood,” but insisted that he worked well with Johnson.

“The relationship is fantastic with the prime minister,” Javid said. “[Johnson is] someone I’ve always got on with incredibly well, and it’s been a real privilege to work with him so closely.”

Tellingly, Javid declined to comment on his feelings about Johnson’s strategist, Dominic Cummings, who is believed to have fired Khan.

He firmly denied allegations that Cummings was effectively running the Treasury, describing the rumor as “nonsense” being spread by the Labour Party.

Johnson’s critics have pointed to the embarrassing leak of the no-deal dossier as proof of a divided and unprepared government. The cabinet feud between Javid, Cummings and Johnson is likely to galvanize the opposition as 10 Downing Street prepares to withdraw Britain from the European Union – with or without a deal – on October 31.

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© Global Look Press /
Brexit implosion made in Britain… as Johnson blames everyone else

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Taliban launch massive attack on Kunduz as peace talks with US continue

The Taliban has launched a huge attack on Kunduz, Afghanistan, as the US continues peace talks with the group in Qatar. Fighting is ongoing, with dozens of militants and three civilians killed, and over 40 civilians injured.

Taliban fighters descended on the city from multiple directions at about 1am Saturday and took over a number of buildings, including a hospital, where staff were taken hostage.

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A carpenter prepares coffins for sale at his shop in Kabul, Afghanistan on July 29, 2019. © REUTERS / Omar Sobhani
327 kids killed in Afghanistan so far in 2019, as civilian casualties of foreign forces rise – UN

“We could very easily attack but we don’t want civilian casualties,” the country’s defense ministry spokesman Rohullah Ahmadzai said, Al Jazeera reports

Meanwhile, a Taliban spokesman told reporters that the group is in the city and has been capturing one government building after another.

Civilians are sheltering in their homes and electricity has been cut. Afghan authorities say that the militants are hiding in civilian dwellings, making it difficult to fight them. 

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American service member killed in Afghanistan as Trump vows US will ‘always’ stay there

Afghanistan’s interior ministry said at least 36 Taliban fighters have been killed, but did not reveal government casualties. Kunduz police spokesman Sayed Sarwar Hussaini told AFP that commando forces were at the scene and the fighting was ongoing, while the air force is supporting ground troops. 

The Taliban, which currently controls about half of the country and is at its strongest since the US invaded in 2001, wants all foreign fighters, of which there are about 20,000, to leave Afghanistan. President Donald Trump said on Thursday that the US will “always have a presence there,” but that it would reduce its troops from about 14,000 to 8,600.

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Hong Kong police turn to water cannon as protesters hurl petrol bombs & bricks (PHOTO, VIDEO)

The ongoing turmoil in Hong Kong escalated on Saturday when protesters in the autonomous area of 7.4 million people threw Molotov cocktails and bricks at police, with law enforcement resorting to gas grenades and water cannon.

Numerous protesters, some clad in black fatigues and yellow helmets, thronged the streets of Hong Kong on Saturday, kick-starting the 13th consecutive weekend of anti-government unrest.

At one stage, a large police barrier protecting a government premises was set ablaze.

The situation grew more violent as demonstrators engaged in clashes with riot police, attacking them with a slew of petrol bombs on main roads.

Photos and videos showed rioters priming their Molotov cocktails before hurling them at approaching officers.

Police deployed gas grenades and blue dye from water cannons to disperse the rowdy crowds.

Sporadic clashes did not die down by Saturday evening, with protesters using homemade incendiary bombs to set fires at several locations. Simultaneously, several units of Hong Kong police teamed up to dismantle barricades erected by demonstrators at key road junctions.

© REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

The Saturday gathering had not been permitted by Hong Kong authorities and protesters defied a ban and flocked to the streets anyway.

They appeared to be well-prepared for confronting law enforcement as many of them were seen wearing protective goggles and gas masks.

Demonstrators take cover during a protest in Hong Kong © REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

Violent unrest has been occurring in the former British colony for over twelve weeks in a row, initially inspired by public outrage over a controversial bill allowing for the extradition of Hong Kong convicts to mainland China. The proposed legislation was dropped but the protest snowballed into a wider anti-government sentiment among citizens.

As the demonstrations grew larger, Beijing accused the US and other Western nations of backing the most vocal anti-government protesters, and of challenging Chinese rule over the territory.

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China response to Hong Kong would be ‘much more violent’ without US trade talks – Trump

Earlier on Saturday, the Chinese government lashed out at Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA) and the White House itself, who urged the release of “dissenters” who’d been arrested for confronting police.

The statements by the Americans “flagrantly interfered with Hong Kong affairs” and unmasked “the hypocrisy, hegemonic thinking, and prejudice of American politicians,” Beijing declared.

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Beijing accuses US lawmakers of ‘hegemonic thinking’ in their support for Hong Kong protesters

China has denounced US lawmakers and officials for openly supporting the ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong, describing their comments as hypocritical and motivated by Washington’s desire for global dominance.

In a statement, Beijing said that it “deplores” remarks made by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA) and the White House, regarding the increasingly violent street protests in Hong Kong. The US lawmakers and officials demanded that Hong Kong’s government release individuals involved in the ongoing unrest, or face consequences.

“The remarks have distorted the truth, condoned the offenders, flagrantly interfered with Hong Kong affairs, which are China’s internal affairs, and again revealed the hypocrisy, hegemonic thinking, and prejudice of American politicians,” the statement read.

The office stressed that Hong Kong police had arrested protesters suspected of violence, a “crime which cannot be justified by any aspirations.” The statement said that China was “rock-firm” in defending its sovereignty over Hong Kong, and that the Chinese people would “never be frightened by threats or intimidation.”

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An anti-extradition bill protester throws a tear gas cartridge during clashes with police in Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong, China August 14, 2019. © REUTERS/Thomas Peter
Beijing: US ‘insanely involved in anti-Chinese criminal cases in Hong Kong’

On Saturday, demonstrators were seen throwing Molotov cocktails at police, who responded by firing water cannons and tear gas.

Beijing has repeatedly accused Washington of providing direct and indirect support to protesters in the semi-autonomous territory, and has even alleged that the US is “insanely involved” in anti-Chinese extremism in Hong Kong.

The Chinese foreign ministry warned the Trump administration that it should not “stick their noses in our affairs,” issuing a reminder that Hong Kong is a Chinese territory and is neither “American” nor “English.”

The White House has said that it “firmly rejects” the notion that the US is sponsoring or inciting the demonstrations, claiming that its concerns about human rights and democracy in Hong Kong are valid and genuine.

Demonstrations have rocked Hong Kong for more than twelve weeks. Originally motivated by a now-suspended bill that would have allowed the extradition of criminal suspects to mainland China, the protests have taken on a broader anti-Beijing angle.

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China response to Hong Kong would be ‘much more violent’ without US trade talks – Trump

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‘Trust me, I’ll come find you’: Watch angry Novak Djokovic confront US Open fan after apparent jibe

A furious Novak Djokovic halted his warm-up to confront a fan after apparently being subjected to jibes ahead of his third-round US Open match against American rival Denis Kudla.

Top seed Djokovic was preparing for his late-night encounter with Kudla when he appeared to take issue with something said from the crowd behind him.

The Serb broke off from serving to confront the fan, and while footage of the exchange did not pick up all of what was said, it did show Djokovic warning: “I’ll come find you. Trust me, I’ll come find you.”

Djokovic, 32, brushed aside the incident as well as concerns over a shoulder injury to beat the unseeded Kudla 6-3 6-4 6-2, setting up a fourth-round clash with 2016 tournament winner Stan Wawrinka of Switzerland.

When asked after the match about the incident with the fan and why he had vowed to “come find” him, Djokovic replied: “To have a drink. I liked the guy. I’m going to buy him a drink.”

He also credited the fan with providing added motivation for his clash with home favorite Kudla.

“I think he did me a favor. Even maybe he didn’t want to do me a favor, he did me a favor, big favor,” Djokovic added.

© Global Look Press via ZUMA Press

The Serb is aiming to defend the title he won last year and clinch a fourth US Open overall. Despite having 16 Grand Slam titles to his name, Djokovic has had strained relations with the New York crowd down the years, and often does not enjoy the same level of adulation of ‘Big Three’ rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

READ MORE: ‘People have to wake up to Djokovic’s greatness’ – Becker as Serb claims 16th Grand Slam

Elsewhere on Friday night, Russian Daniil Medvedev was involved in a running spat of his own with fans, after he appeared to give them the middle finger during his third-round win over Feliciano Lopez.

Medvedev, 23, later mocked the booing crowd by claiming they had given him the “energy” to win the match.     

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© Main: Imago-images / Liz Muzi | Inset: Getty Images / AFP / Matthew Stockman
Russia’s Medvedev trolls jeering US Open crowd after middle-finger gesture during 3rd-round win

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Tesla gets tax break in China, but it hardly makes it more attractive to customers – Boom Bust

Exemption from a 10-percent purchase tax gives Tesla hope in the important Chinese market, but RT’s Boom Bust investigates whether it’s enough to offset Elon Musk’s firm’s other troubles.

On Friday, all Tesla vehicles sold in China were granted a tax exemption that could reduce the cost of its electric cars by up to 99,000 yuan (nearly $14,000). However, Tesla, which earlier announced it would raise the price of its cars to compensate for tariffs, has not lowered prices.

“That’s gonna be more profit, which is what they need,” Lauren Fix, an automotive analyst known as ‘The Car Coach’, told Boom Bust. She added that the company has been trying to quickly ship as many vehicles as possible to China, and now we can only hope that Tesla can sell some of them and they “don’t just sit there.”

However, there are other cars in the same luxury market, such as Jaguar, Audi, and BMW. And the narrow base of wealthy customers is not going to expand, while the competitors take Musk’s market share.

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© Getty Images / Paper Boat Creative
Humans or machines? Elon Musk & Jack Ma face off over future of AI

“It’s a different marketplace, it does not hit the masses. And it won’t hit the masses as long as the prices are high and the time to charge is way too long and the distance between charges need to be twice what it is now in order for the masses to be interested,” Fix said.

She added that Tesla is missing one important thing, and it’s not about the design or technology features of their competitors. The problem is with the dealer networks which take care of and support the vehicles. When it comes to Tesla, Fix explained, people have to wait up to 12 weeks to get a spare part, which is “unacceptable” and just frustrates potential customers.

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Burning Man festival site can be seen from space (PHOTO)

Burning Man’s impressive temporary festival site in Nevada can be seen all the way from space, extraordinary satellite imagery reveals.

The massive tent city in the Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada showed up in satellite images as it was being set up last week, before tens of thousands of attendees arrived for Sunday’s opening of the event. Burning Man is known for its art installations, music, costumes and performances. 

The images were shared by Maxar Technologies and captured by WorldView satellites. They show the horse-shoe shaped site known as Black Rock City being built from nothing as it fills with structures, cars and even airplanes. Roads leading to the site already had vehicles making their way to the massive, temporary, self-sufficient city built by its own participants. 

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© Jim Urquhart
Burning Man festival celebrates its 30th birthday (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Named after the large wooden man effigy that is burned at the climax of the event, the festival promotes self-expression, self-reliance, communal living and decommodification and runs until September 3. All ‘Burners’ must leave no trace when they leave.

The annual event began in 1986 on a beach in San Francisco and has since evolved into a massive spectacle. Last year, 70,000 people attended. 

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